Where community rehabilitation ‘is harder than a short-term jail sentence’

In a Manchester scheme, those convicted of car crimes and given intensive community orders are brought face to face with the consequences

Alesha Dixon presents BBC show on domestic violence

The singer hopes to reach out to children who have witnessed domestic violence with her documentary, Don't Hit My Mum

Teachers Suspended

Schools are short-staffed because teachers are being suspended if they live with
someone who has committed a serious offence, according to the trade union Unison.

New support for women prisoners and their families

Justice minister Simon Hughes has announced that women in custody will be given
help to maintain vital ties with their families.

Reforms: time well spent

Recent changes to the 1974 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act will reduce the prejudice exoffenders face when applying for jobs but they “do not go far enough”

Rehabilitation courses denied to prisoners with learning disabilities

Prisoners with learning disabilities are spending more time in jail than necessary because they cannot take part in education.

Wave hello to the children in Wigan

Alison Hull is having a huge chunk of her hair cut out from her scalp. A pathologist is carrying out this procedure with what Hull describes as a large pair of wallpaper scissors.

I was eight years old when I committed my first crime.

Growing up with crime all around him, it was almost inevitable Tadge Sulich would follow a similar path, and so he did.

‘I run out of money a day or two after I get paid’

Shelby’s bed is broken, she has no cooker and she drinks coffee to numb her permanent hunger.

I was in a supportive, loving and disciplined environment

Ashley John-Baptiste’s documentary about being fostered reveals how it helped him build strong relationships and develop a positive outlook.

Sex workers protection scheme

A national scheme to improve the safety of sex workers by telling them about dangerous punters is to be run from Manchester.

He was a big powerful man. He kicked me

Michelle Molloy suffered so violently at the hands of her partner that she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Styal prison unit ‘unsuitable’: inspector

The chief inspector of prisons has described the state of women held in a special unit at a Cheshire prison as more shocking and distressing than anything he has ever seen on inspection.

Housing & Homelessness News - Family matters

Kelly Mattison reports on the closure of an accommodation centre that has been helping homeless mothers and their young children for 30 years

‘Please – don’t take money from the poorest children’

“I know times are hard and the government has to make savings but please don’t take money away from the poorest children in society; that’s just not fair.”

Parents Talk Tactics

A school-funded programme has helped parents cope with their children’s
challenging behaviour, says Kelly Mattison, who co-facilitated the course

More Than An Act

Acts of random kindness make the world a slightly better place. Now one entrepreneur is helping people look good while they perform them.

Children need more protection from porn

The Bailey report on the sexualisation of children published last week does not go far enough to protect young people from the easy availability of pornography.

If they close this place down I will go back to prison

So scared of life on the outside was Andrew Monahan that he would drive up to police officers and tell them he had no driving license in order to be sent back behind bars.

People bully you because your house isn't fancy

Four children share their insights on life below the poverty line in a BBC TV
programme to be broadcast next week.

‘There was nothing to prepare us for it’

Former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones was among the celebrities who slept rough for ten nights in a BBC documentary.

Body of evidence - Male Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder sufferers become worry so obsessively about their appearance that some try to kill themselves. And it affects men as well as women.

Charitable tendency

Johnny Marr talks exclusively to Kelly Mattison about the release of his single in aid of homeless charity Centrepoint.

Women search for hope in a war-scarred state

Sally Lindsay and Suranne Jones visited conflict-riven Congo last month where rapes and the brutality of crimes against women are described as the worst in the world.

What it’s like to grow up with an alcoholic parent

“Doing this documentary hasn’t really helped me put closure on anything,” said Calum Best

Best tackles family legacies of booze

Calum Best meets some of the 1.3 million children who have a parent who abuses alcohol

Domestic Violence: Enemy within

The emotional scars of witnessing domestic violence can stay with children for a lifetime increasing the risk they may go on to be abusers themselves.

Forced Marriages In Community Spotlight

A community initiative is running free workshops in the North West on forced marriage and honour killings after receiving funding from the Forced Marriage Unit

On course to tackle domestic abuse

The organiser of a domestic abuse awareness course for men claims it has been
successful in changing their behaviour towards their partners.

Speaking Out acclaim for survivors of childhood abuse

Mental Health Media awards for three men brave enough to talk in powerful documentary about the sexual abuse that blighted their lives.